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Palm Stone Possibilities…

I have come to realize that there is no need to purchase a special stone to experience the healing force it may provide. I feel strongly that choosing your own palm stone in nature, or allowing it to choose you might increase the stones healing influence.

Sodalite… So delightful!

Today I found myself needing a little me time. My favorite way to regroup and recharge is to pull out the Tarot deck and do some journaling to find some guidance for my scattered feelings. On a whim, I grabbed a large sodalite stone to add to my ritual. Sodalite can help promote clarity and…


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Hi, I’m Kami. I recently moved to a small community and have taken the leap to start a business that allows me to share my professional skills as a certified Reflexologist, yoga instructor and Tarologist. My amazing studio also had enough room for me to open a retail store filled with everything that makes me happy… books, vintage treasures, art, crafts, wellness products and metaphysical supplies. My posts will reflect what captures my imagination, curiosity and makes me feel happy!

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