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Vintage Fortune Telling Teacups

For some reason I’ve been bumping into references to Tassology, or the practice of reading tea leaves, in all kinds of random places lately. It’s worked it’s way into a novel I am currently reading, a line in a movie, a Joni Mitchell song I had never listened to before… you know how it goes. I believe it’s called the frequency illusion. Once you are made aware of something, it seems to keep appearing over and over. Reading tea leaves isn’t a new concept to me, I don’t live under a rock after all, but for some reason it just keeps popping up!

So, a few days ago when my partner Ben and I were doing a little thrift store shopping and I came across a vintage fortune telling set – I knew it was meant to be mine! At least temporarily – the pieces are currently for sale in my shop. I’m not really keen on parting with all of them, so it might end up as ‘for display only’.

My vintage find also came with a mini paperback book published in 1969 and a cotton doily depicting the zodiac. As far as I can tell, none of these items were originally sold together, so if you recognize the doily and know it’s origins, please contact me!

While researching my purchase I have also discovered that I actually have a cup and saucer from two different manufacturers. One is The Taltos Fortune Telling Teacup and was created by Jon Anton Ironstone in England and is made of fine porcelain. The other is a reproduction that was distributed for about 10 years in the 70’s & 80’s. It was sold in women’s magazines, tabloids, catalogues and gift shops by International Collectors Guild.

From experiencing this recurring theme weave it’s way through my recent activities, I’ve decided it’s a sign that I am to dive into the tea and explore this fascinating form of divination. To get me started I’ve been scouring the internet for resources to get me going. Here are a few links to articles & sites that I have found interesting.
Now I just need to head out and get some loose tea! Cheers!,

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