Sodalite… So delightful!

Large Sodalite Gemstones

Today I found myself needing a little me time. My favorite way to regroup and recharge is to pull out the Tarot deck and do some journaling to find some guidance for my scattered feelings. On a whim, I grabbed a large sodalite stone to add to my ritual. Sodalite can help promote clarity and rational thinking when we are feeling emotionally fragile – exactly the support I needed today!

If you are unfamiliar with Sodalite, here’s my quick and dirty summary:

Aptly named because of it’s high sodium content, Sodalite can be found in British Columbia, (where I hang my hat), near Golden BC. Or you can travel east and stumble into some larger deposits in Ontario & Quebec as well. As a budding Canadian rockhound, I find this information fascinating and was pleased to learn that another name for Sodalite is ‘Canadian Blue Stone’.

If you are more interested in the healing properties of this beautiful stone, it’s said to help balance emotions, enhance self esteem, clear the clutter of unhelpful thought patterns and promote calming energy.

The rich blue colour links Sodalite to the throat Chakra as well as the the third eye Chakra. It makes sense that when our thoughts and emotions are clear, we can express ourselves more clearly as well. Using this stone in meditation and journaling as I did today can guide your inner knowing and assist in focusing your energy in a positive direction.

Water and air are the elements coupled with Sodalite. In Tarot, the cups are associated with water and our emotions and air is associated with the suit of swords and our thoughts. Kinda cool how it all links together, don’t you think!!

After my impromptu grounding session today, I felt more able to move forward with my day – my thoughts cleared and I was able to resist the bubbling up of negative emotions and self talk. I hope this inspires you to invest in a lovely piece of Sodalight for your healing toolkit.

Below is a photo of my Tarot spread from today. I included the Sodalite stone for assistance with my muddled thoughts and feelings of self doubt. I brought in the elements of air and water with the feather and some charged moon water. To aid in balancing my throat Chakra I lit a blue energy candle. I choose to use a simple four card straight spread to make it easy for me to free write a linear interpretation.

A Simple 4 Card Tarot Spread

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