3 Ways to Honour April’s Pink Moon

Also known as the Pink Moon, the first full moon of spring 2022 will illuminate the sky on Saturday, April 16th! With this full moon also arrives the first opportunity of the season for honouring what has past and the anticipation of the newness that is sure to follow. Taking a moment during a full moon is always an effective way for me to reflect and recharge, but the first full moon of a new season has a special way of nudging me to be particularly mindful of the changes that I see all around me- in Mother Earth, her animals, the environment and in myself. The moon phases are a bright and constant reminder that all things come and go – impermanence is baked into our existence and is inescapable.

Full Moon Names of 2022

This Pink Moon I’m setting my intention to graciously let go of what no longer serves me while simultaneously opening my heart to all that is to come – whatever that may be. In celebration of Saturday’s Pink Moon, I have decided to share three simple ways to mark this special event. Enjoy!

1. Practice the Moon Salutation

This spring I have been very committed to beginning each new day by doing several sets of Sun Salutations (at least on days that it’s not raining). I recently moved to a tiny little town and have acres and acres of Crown Land right outside of my backdoor, but unfortunately my tiny little living space does not offer me enough room to comfortably do my Yoga routine so I have taken to the ritual of finding a flat grassy (or sometimes packed dirt) spot in the forest and saying good morning to the Sun, the Trees and all of their furry and feathered residents. It’s a great way to start my day & remind myself that I am just a visitor in their neighborhood!

Anyways- what occurred to me this week is that since living rurally and going to bed most nights at 8:00 – I have been entirely neglecting to practice the Moon Salutations! Which is odd because I actually LOVE the poses that make up this calming and rest promoting sequence . While the Sun Salutations are invigorating and energizing, I am aware that I am also in need of relaxation right now. So if you too find yourself in need of a few minutes to decompress this meditative practice might be just the thing to add to your evening routine, or at the end of a Yoga session or anytime you feel the need for a soothing break.

Here are some links to YouTube videos that are a good starting point if you are unfamiliar with the Chandra Namaskar, or Moon Salutation. There are also lots of great cheat sheets online if you prefer to print out a guide.



Goddess Pose

2. Journal with The Moon Card!

The Rider- Waite Moon Card

The moon card is rich with symbolism and visual prompts that can be inspiring when putting pen to paper to express your thoughts. Below I have summarized the themes of the Moon card that I think are relevant for honouring April’s Pink Moon- or any full moon!
As always- if my interpretations don’t happen to resonate with you- please use your own intuition and instincts – there is no right or wrong!

First – notice that the Moon is represented in all of it’s phases from new to full, reminding us of the constant revolving & moving that occurs as we work our way through new ideas, opportunities, relationships, interests and challenges- working towards completion.

The pillars then remind us that- yes, change is inevitable! But amidst the change there can also be constants that provide us with structure and grounding. Our family, friends, home- etc.

The Crayfish crawling from the pool symbolizes new beginnings and the challenges and excitement they bring! As this creature makes his way from the water towards the path that winds it’s way through hills and valleys in order to eventually reach the mountaintops, one can only assume there will be choices to make and struggles along the way. But with perseverance she will arrive. Sometimes the path might veer and take a new route- the point is he takes that first step- he begins.

On each side of the path, baying at the Moon, are a dog and a coyote. One, an untamed spirit, the other a faithful domesticated friend. These two canine symbols show us that we are given the opportunity to reflect on the duality that exists in all things. We have triumphs & losses, pleasure & heartache, good times & challenges. It’s all a part of the game that we have been invited to play and we have the ability to tap into our wild side and our comfort zones to reach our goals. Nothing is an either or!

Keeping these symbols in mind, here are some ideas to use in a writing exercise to honour the full moon and completion of the first month of Spring. These are only some concepts that I think might be interesting to explore – I suggest taking some time to sit with the Moon card in contemplation and see what comes to you. Even just by writing a summary of the past 4 weeks would be a perfect way to acknowledge all that you have experienced. If journaling isn’t your ‘thing’- using one of the prompts for a visualization or contemplative meditation is another great ways to absorb and process all that has transpired since the last full moon! So … happy writing!

1.) In the past 4 weeks what is something that you have had to end or chosen to end? What might you be saying goodbye to? Will you grieve this loss, or is it a relief?

2.) Have you recently faced a situation where there was an obvious push and pull between your desire to do something scary and new, that opposed conventions and follow your instincts while also craving the comfort of structure and safety of the known?

3.) What are your ‘Pillars’? What things are constant in your life? What are the parameters that you work most comfortably within and are they set to your optimal benefit? If you could shift these parameters, how would that look?

4.)What has entered your life in the last moon phase that you would like to express gratitude for? Or has an uncomfortable transition began that you might seek guidance to accept. Or both?

5.)Have you started a new project, job, hobby or relationship? What has that meant to you, given you or stirred in you?

6.) Was there anything that came full circle during this phase?
How did the first month of spring awe you? Did you connect with nature, notice the signs of new life and new growth in your surroundings? Did the time change affect you? How did this feel as the long, cold, winter days slowly turned into the promise of spring?

3. Create a Full Moon Ritual

Find a spot where you can see the moon and can receive the full benefits of its energizing, cleansing glow. Outside is best, but if not – work with what you have!
I like to head to a body of water, but really there is no recipe for a ritual that is right or wrong. You cannot add too much of this or too little of that- it’s really just taking the time to sit in the presence of the Moons light and soak up it’s soothing energy.

Some accoutrements that are fun to add if you have them around might include:

  • A candle or smudge stick
  • Feathers
  • Moonstone or other healing stones that feel right.
  • Tarot or oracle cards
  • Special momentos, pictures or other reminders that connect you to your intention.

I like to light a candle, flow through the Moon Salutations and meditate. At the end I find it healing to express my gratitude for all that has come to pass and all that is to come and when I blow out my candle I let go of any negative energy that might linger. If I happen to be near a body of water- I will collect some to take with me as it is charged with the light of the moon. Alternately you can charge tap water on a windowsill overnight by the light of the moon.

I hope these ideas inspire you to take a moment to be still as the Pink Moon hovers in the sky this weekend. Please share your Moon story! I would love to hear how you choose to celebrate.


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