Palm Stone Possibilities…

Pick stones that call to you… Enjoy the process of creating your palm stone.

Palm stones are most often thought of as a polished stone chosen for it’s healing properties to support the holder during their spiritual practice or, if carried in a pocket, all throughout the day. The physical feeling of the rock in your hand or on your body is an effective tactile reminder to focus, center and connect. The weight and temperature of the stone acts as a link between the mind and body, while the unique vibration it emits can assist the possessor in many ways depending on the variety of stone they choose.

These special stones are abundant with potent energy & can act as a source of protection, encourage grounding, ward off negative energy, soothe anxiety or serve as a reminder to be grateful, mindful, focused, calm ….etc.

I have a couple of palm stones that I love for various reasons. The one pictured in my hand above is a Chakra palm stone that I purchased and now also carry in my shop. It’s a beautiful stone that I love to use during a ladder meditation for Chakra healing and clearing. The other stones I’ve adopted are arguably less ‘fancy’, yet treasured and effective all the same!

I have come to realize that there is no need to purchase a special stone to experience the healing force it may provide. I feel strongly that choosing your own palm stone in nature, or allowing it to choose you might increase the stones healing influence.

The magic that develops when you connect with a piece of natural stone causes it to become as equally valuable as a processed stone. After all, the perfect, polished stones in the gem shop started out covered in mud, at the bottom of a riverbed, on beach, or wherever you happen to discover yours! As an added perk, by participating in the process of finding & personalizing your special stone, it may deepen the connection and perhaps make it even more powerful!

The pictures above are two palm stones that I created using Basalt. I loved using Basalt for these painted variations because, if it is a smooth piece, it is easy to sketch an outline on as pencil crayon will erase off easily. If you like a bit of shine to your rock, simply rub it with a tiny bit of rosehip or other natural oil after the paint has dried.

Basalt is very common and easy to find. It is formed by the rapid cooling of basaltic lava and can be found all over the Earth, and on the Moon! More than 90% of all volcanic rock on Earth is basalt, however, even though it may be common it still has enormous healing properties!

Healing Properties of Basalt:

  • Helps to reduce anger.
  • Aids in removing negative energy & increasing positive energy!
  • Gives vitality to it’s owner.
  • Promotes self confidence & will.
  • Helps give you courage.
  • Encourages & Motivates for progress.
Serpentine – Red Jasper – Basalt

Healing Stones are Everywhere!

I live in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada. In the hills on and around our property I was lucky enough to find a stunning piece of each Serpentine & Red Jasper. These two happened to be beautifully smooth already and didn’t even need to go into the rock polisher! The larger stone is another piece of Basalt that I love because of it’s pretty heart shape.

Beyond these healing stones, Sandstone, Quartz, Green Jasper, Amazonite and Rhyolite are also common in my area. I’m sure with a bit of patience you will find some truly unique healing stones where ever you happen to live too!

As a helpful tool you in your search I recommend using an app to help identify your finds. The one I use and love is called Rock Identifier & it allows you to instantly and very accurately identify rocks. It’s also a source of lots of interesting facts and information.

However you acquire your Palm Stone, whether you purchase it in a store, find it on a path or receive it as a gift, remember that they need to be charged from time to time. A Selenite wand it a nice addition to add to your collection to do this- but for my ‘found’ stones, I prefer to return them back to the earth to recharge them by burying them underground for 24 hours, or in the winter leaving them in the forest to renew their natural energies. This returning to the Earth can become a gratitude ritual as well & another part of the relationship between you, Mother Earth and her gift to you.

Best wishes… XOXO

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