How do you ‘Spell’ that?

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”.

Roald Dahl
Earth Element Spell Bottle

Magical things can happen when the intention is genuine. Why not bring some magic into your life or the life of others by making some adorable little spell bottles? I know you will find that creating them is as therapeutic as using them!

The process begins with identifying and defining the desired outcome. After that, the ingredients need to be collected. For me, this is the fun part! When I am in the forest or on the beach gathering, it allows me an opportunity to decompress, reset, and feel connected to the earth. I don’t treat this task like going grocery shopping. There is no list; it’s just a matter of selecting what calls to me and trusting that the right formula will come together. Then I express my creativity by assembling the concoction, layering bits and pieces, and designing something entirely ‘charming’.

Complete the process by writing the final spell and charging the bottle as you would a healing stone.

Now your spell is ready to be used or shared! Because of all of the energy that went into preparing this offering, be aware that the magic contained in the bottle is potent! Treat it with care and share it with good intentions.

Tips for making, charging, and getting the most out of your potion:

  • Design spells that reflect you. Even if you plan to give your creation away or sell it, it will only be effective if it is sincere.
  • Go to places that are meaningful to you to gather what you need. I LOVE the forest, sandy beaches, and rocky riverbeds. So naturally, those are fantastic places to assemble what I need to make my nature and element-themed recipes. But I also like thrift stores and yard sales, so I even have some spells to reflect that!
  • You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to designing spells. Pets, gardening, career goals, and relationships are some other ideas.
  • Understand that there is no ‘wrong’ spell, only wrong intentions. Don’t create spells to wish harm to another. It will not work, and it will also likely hurt you. Whatever energy you put into your magic is the energy you will reflect and receive. If it’s negative, that will follow you. If you want to generate results, keep it positive!
  • Have fun with this project and get inventive. Meditate, take a forest bath, or star gaze to get in the mood to design your formulas.
  • You don’t have to use fancy stuff! A mini resealable bag, baby food jar, or other small containers will work just fine too! It’s what’s inside and the intention that counts.

Get a Free DIY Spell Kit!

Would you like a free spell kit? Click the link and send me a message with the subject line ‘Spell Kit’, and I will send you a package with everything you need! Including:

  • Sample Spells
  • A spell bag with a fabric pouch.
  • Special surprise ‘ingredient’s to add to your spell!
  • A Spell card
  • Tarot Bloom discount offers & more!

If you have never created a spell before, here is a printable easy, three-step mini-guide. Use it, save it, share it. It’s pretty concise & I think suitable for everyone.

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